Shit ‘O’ Shit, In and out of the Toilet

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The shit here is ain’t the exact shit that is flushed (or should I say semi-flushed.. leaving the strains and the aroma behind.. -_^ ) in the Lavatory pan but the Comrades (or should I vomit the word scumbags, instead) who visit the Palace for at least few times a day (depending upon their consumption and bag’s capacity). Some comes in the first time for the day, hugs the Urinal Basin for a minute or so, does a begging hand gesture to the tap water and then does the Ultimatum. One can hear the Ugliest sound, uglier than farting. WIp WIp WIp WIP… The Shit (Remember, the subject, I mean, the Shit here means our Comrade) takes out 3 to 4 toilet Paper Towels from the Paper Towel Stand (that’s when you get this WIP noise) and wipes their scum (I mean, hand, basically) and then WIP WIP WIP, takes three more and dries their dirty wrinkled face, stares the mirror, combs their unshampooed hair and walks away.. Another Gentleman comes in, hugs the same basin, wets their hand with elixir (water, basically) and does WIP WIP, dires their hand under the hot hand dryer so then can dry their hand quickly (basically saving time for being extra productive to their employer and themselves, wow..) and does another WIP WIP, takes out two more paper Towels to make sure their hand is fully dry and thereby being highly hygiene (Picture Perfect). Another one (Here comes the Hero) comes in, finishes hugging the Urinal Basin (now don’t ask me if its the same one) and does a WIP WIP without even wetting their and with water. Could be, the kiddo had a pisslet (Urine droplet, basically) on their hand and uses the paper towels to dry them up.Spare some ten minutes in the toilet.. Just realize how quick the paper towel bin gets filled up.. See how many paper towels are put down and wasted.. See how many paper towels in the bin are REALLY WET.  We could be careless about this if they (Paper Towels, if you are yet to follow me) come from heaven (or even hell or from we care) but unfortunately we need to cut down the trees to make paper towels. (I’m using the word Paper Towels more than necessary number of times because you should not forget that we are talking about Paper Towels.. of course we are talking about Shit also but they are just heroes unlike Paper Towels who are the real SUBJECT)

Humans have been inventing things since their day one but if we just spare sometime and look back, it is just that, machines that are invented (and made as daily usage) after 1960 are the ones that pollute the Earth to the greatest extend. For instance, Jets, Factories, motor vehicles, Paper Towels. Plz don’t raise a question in your mind that all these eg., existed even before 1960. I’m stressing about the usage amount. Having said that, In a span of 50 years we somehow have managed to spoil the Earth’s temperature itself. What if this continues for another 50 years? Thank God, I’m already 24 and I’m going to 25 soon Yippe.. 😀 (It a Sad news basically.. but Good for some other reasons..)!!

I would end this by saying,
“We are never through with our Understanding unless we Realize”

All these stuffs we already understand.. but the question is Have We Realized?

~ Freddie

P.S :-  Save Trees (I got to say this because I’m sure no one understands my writing :p.. Poor handwriting skils.. you know.. Probabily thats why I did not score good marks anytime.. Holy Heck..)

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Shit O Shit, In and out of the Toilet - Save TreesShit O Shit, In and out of the Toilet - Save Trees

Stop Killing my Music

Sunday morning, one out of the two days of a week where alarms music wakes me up. And today it was I miss you who did the job of waking me happily up. It’s such a nice song and I really don’t worry about not knowing the Artist of that tune or the Album either. The day has just begun. The music goes wild and with time its gets wilder, both in my room and in my heart. “I show a great partality for my regional music”, Well,  I dont agree but thats what people around me say. Not even in my vague memory had my mamma or papa asked why I don’t listen to regional music, but our servant maid did, today. I felt no new to that question for the fact that I have had answered it million times in the past with million different answers 😆 As my task list was blank for the day I connected to the web to figure out the history of the music that woke me. It is from Blink 182, a United States Alternative Rock Music breed. Got no clue on what this United States Alternative Rock means ;). Neither have I a clue on how that music came to my PC. All I know is I how much I’m attracted to that piece of tune. I continued to browse the web while the question that the servant maid asked me was constantly running in my head.  Thus far I had never asked that question to myself, but today, someone was asking from within. Yes, I was asking myself, “Why I’m I not listing to my regional music?” As I started to wonder the Why factor, so came this write up.

Music should not be created under compeltion. Music should be created for selling. It is much more than a commercial product. It is an ART.  And the creators will always fail, if they intent to create a music exclusively for business purpose. At least they would fail to astonish me. Oh, I forgot to say this, Music should not be copied (biggest of all).

Having said my vision on Music, today’s objective in Bollywood and Kollywood music industries is to create a false impression. And why I say that is because I firmly believe that they create it under completion and they also copy sometimes. So why is this happening? Let me explain what I feel.

 More films are created and the business units of the film making company wants at least five songs in every of their film. Moreover, Musicians are forced to create their piece since the situation, the story, the mood and the characters are already decided. Can you find fault in the masterpieces created by the legendary Michael Jackson? It is Michael who decides his music. He is not been compelled to create anything. He does it because he loves to do it. More than that, the other ingredients like the situation, the story and the rest of all are based on the music unlike my regional music where every this is vice-versa. Shame. And what are they going to do by creating music under compeltion? They are going to sell it.

And thus my wondering came to an end. Now I know why I don’t listen to Bollywood and Kollywood songs.

Freddie Maize

Child Labor

Have you seen Child Labors?? (I’m askin’ you comrade…)

For God sake does not say “Who knows and who cares”. You have seen them.


What would be your reaction on seeing them working??

Nothing. I’m sure nothing. Am I correct?? Your answer is “umm… uha… I mean… like… to be honest… you know… (A long pause) YES”. I knew it, and so as you.

The truth is, though seeing them you wouldn’t have realized that they are child labors. This time I’m not going to ask you if I’m correct because I know that I’m right.


Why people don’t realize??

That’s because, they are going to affect them in no way. This is what I call it as selflessness (So kind of them :D). This is what has made people feel nothing about them. I tell you what? People have lost their senses. Probably that’s the reason why they are leading a life like this (sloppy life). Poor they. Mind you, He (GOD) is seeing us. There is no escape from his eyes. I’m happy in that way as a minimum. Not now, but at least later they will be punished.


Have we ever engaged you with a Child Worker??

(I mean, do we have any relation with them?)

Trying to say no? (I mean, trying to say lie? :D) Ha ha… never do it my friend.

For a while, think of few children which whom you have seen last, who was working. May be in some small restaurants, mechanic shops, beach, park, road side seller etc., you might of dealt with them.

Yes?? If yes, oh my friend you have committed a sin/crime

No?? (If you say like, “hare… NO yar, I jus saw them working. My good time I din buy anything from them. Gosh… am fortunate… I din commit a sin…bla bla bla…”) this is what I call as Escapism. And as a matter of fact, doing so, you had done the biggest/largest/deepest/shallowest/highest (and what ever left over ‘est’ is there in the grammar book) crime/sin of all time.


(The reader says) Fine I realized my fault. Now what is that you want me to do??

(I say) Oh thank you comrade. Nice of you/Kind of you/sweet of you (and what ever you feeling like adding…J).

And then what did you ask me? (Now what is that you want me to do??)

Was I telling you about rocket science (to give you more tips and advice)?

You know what to do. Then what is that you are waiting for?


Falling farm incomes, growing inequities

Year 2005, Location: India, Circumstances: Which you cannot expect!

Health spending in the average farm household is double that on education each month. Millions of India’s farm households are in dismal shape. Even as the number of billionaires grows at the other end of the spectrum.

FIRST THE good news. Well, good news for someone, anyway. The collective net worth of 311 Indian billionaires is now Rs.3.64 trillion. This is up 71 per cent from last year, when it was a paltry Rs.2.13 trillion. The tribe has also grown. It now includes 133 new entrants who just months ago were merely millionaires. The daily newspaper that tracks this elite club (Business Standard, November 9, 2005) puts it simply: “India’s billionaires have never had it so good.”

Some hundreds of millions might never have had it so bad either. So just before we pop the corks on those bottles, have a look at the news from the nation’s farm households. There are millions of those, not 311. The average monthly per capita expenditure (MPCE) of farm households across India was Rs.503 in 2003. That is just about Rs.75 above the rural poverty line. And it is an average across regions and classes and income groups. So even this dismal figure hides huge inequities.


The First Nuclear Bomb attack on India

123 Agreement… some of the views…. INDIANS TO BE READ………..

Nuclear Agreement between India – USA :MUST READ BY EVERY INDIAN

There are lot of talks about 1 2 3 Agreement between India & USA and it
almost led to the topple of Central Government. In this mail I am trying
to explain the commercial & technical aspects relating to this Agreement
which I have read and sharing with you.

South India – particularly around Kanyakumari, the availability of

Thorium is abundant.

India-China.  If India-China relationship gets stronger, then both these
can rule the Eastern Part of the Globe which USA wants to break as per
their divide & rule.

USA doesn’t like this proposal.

total power requirement.  They are catching up the problem of
eliminating the wastes / emissions from out of those plants at the same
time increase the power production capacity.  Government of France is
now thinking how to reduce the power consumption in the country.

Education is Very Good.

others.  Particularly wants a firm footing in South Asia.  Remember the
introduction EURO by European Countries and it is stronger than Dollar?
So their “DAL” cannot be boiled at “EUROPE”.  They are trying in India
as already Pakistan is in their clutches.

USA is breached by
them, then there is no clause for cancelling this agreement.

The agreement is apparently like this… USA can either hug India or
slap India.  India will not ask why are we hugged or why are we slapped.
On the other hand, India cannot hug or slap USA for breach of agreement.

This is only capsule so that easy to read and digest.

Subject: India Pledged…. Part 2

Requirement of Power

The most important requirement for India’s Economic Growth in the coming
years will be the power & infrastructure. The argument put fort

What is 123 Agreement?


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