Her Paintings!!

We were in school together!! Although, I wasn’t tall enough to play basketball nor she was good enough to play it either, we were in the Basket Ball games together 😆

But after high school we never met. Not even spoke over the phone.  I would say that we were totally out of contacts. Time passed by and it is after 3 solid years I got to meet her again. We then renewed our friendship.

It’s totally fun like before.. Like the good old school days.. like the basketball days… Should I say ‘The Basket Ball Diaries 😉 just like Leonardo De Carpio movie.. ?

When we  happen to share pictures that we took in the past 3 years she showed couple of her paintings. Woot!! They were amazing!! I’m was more shocked than surprised for I never knew she could draw or paint. This also made me think that I did not know her fully back then. Wait a second, dose that mean I know her fully now? Ha ha, lets stop it and enjoy the paintings,



And while posting this I now think what all talents my other friends have got which I’m yet to be aware off.

Pictures are copyright protected. Please do not steal them. Thank you.


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