Search Engine Optimization for your WordPress and Blogspot Blogs

Finally… here we go… to sit back and relax… but get hits (readers) flowing into your blog… No more promotions, no more crazy shoutings like “I have a blog, I have a blog, come and read it, I have a…”

Let’s begin with an example. I’m going to write an article related to child workers in my country. Below is what I would suggest to optimize the post for search engines,

Picking the right title:
To Do: Have it lengthy. Your title should be a one liner of what you are going to say in your entire post. It is very import to choose your title.
Reason: Search Engines give priority to keywords present in you title than elsewhere.
E.g., supposing your article is about your views on child workers in your society then have a title like “My views on Child Labor in your country name/location”.
Writing your first few lines:
To Do: Have most of your keywords (primary words) in the first few lines of your post.
Reason: If meta tags are not present in your page (for WordPress blogs, meta tags will not be present) search engines (Google especially) will pick up/consider words from the first few lines of your post as meta tags.
E.g., proceedings with the same ‘child labor’ example, if your post is talking about any laws or acts for child labor like “Child Worker act of 1962” (or) if you have to mention any person who worked for Child Labor (or) any fact and figures then have it in the first line itself.
Picking the right URL:
To Do: Make it long (but not too long)… with almost all the keywords in it.
Reason: Again, Search Engines give priority to keywords present in you URL next to the priority given to the title.
Note: Too much of anything is good for nothing. So please do not have a paragraph in your URL. You may end up in misery.
Right Usage of Anchor tags:
To Do: Supposing you want anchor tags within your post, it is very much recommended. In fact, you can have them in your primary words/keywords to link it to related posts or pages or sites.
Reason: Keywords in anchor tags (links) are given higher priority than keywords in simple text.
Note: For keywords that naturally appear in your post/body you can link it using anchor tags. But again, the same advice, do not overdo it. It may give a spam kind of look to your post.
Begin with an image file:
To Do: Always have image files at the very beginning of your post. A small one will do… may be in the right top corner or left or anywhere. But at the top. It will do the trick.
Reason: Quite the same reason. Words in the image caption, alternate text, etc., would be much visible to search engines than simple text.
Note: Do not forget to add alternate name to the image. Also add image description and caption.
Navigation Bar – It must be present all over the Blog:
To Do: Well, I cannot suggest great things here since we (WordPress users) don’t have cent percent control over our blog. So, we have a widget called ‘Author’, use it. It’s a kind of substitute for Navigation Bars.
Reason: This is one way to ensure easy spidering (Crawling by Googlbot) for the Search Engines.
Note: Not using this may not lead to free flow within your blog. Here, free flow is not for you or your readers. It’s for the search engine spiders like googlebots.
Webmaster will help you to monitor your site:
To Do: Google Webmaster Tool provides you with detailed reports about your pages’ visibility on Google.
Reason: Just to check how well Google sees your Blog
Note: Well, you should know how to use the tool. You can easily learn it. Any difficulties let me know. I will do my best to help you.
Other tips are like,
·         You can submit your blog to Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Live etc. at least once in a month. Remember to do test searches in Search Engines to verify that your blog shows up for right set of keywords.
·         Leave your link in popular sites. They would create incoming links to your blog which is also one big way of getting readers to your page.
·         Once Search Engines develops trust in your site your page rank will increase automatically.
Well, I will not say “THAT’S IT” for the number of tips and tricks since there are much more. But this is quite enough for people like us who just need readers and hits. May be if we are paid for every hit (a business blog) then we may look into deeper and technical things. But this itself is fairly enough.
I do know some tricks that illegal kind of things 😉 but will not share them. Hmm, maybe will share them privately if you ask for. But then, it should be just for knowledge sake and should not be used. Even I don’t use them 🙂 .
Hope this article would help you to sit back… relax… but get readers. So you no need to promote your blog any more. Happy? 
Hey, all the above trick will work for sure. After all, these ideas where from a Search Engine Guy.
Well, that’s guy is me only yar 🙂 . Happy Blogging.
Freddie Maize

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  1. thank you very much, very useful articles,

    thanks for sharing


  2. One thing that WP’ers benefit from using free blog here, unlike many other blogging platforms, is that they don’t have to bother building any sitemap for googlebot to crawl over since WP offers an automatic xml feature per blog. This is what makes your blog SEO friendly as you keep up to date with new postings 🙂

    Check out YOURS, Freddie!

  3. Whatever happened to our interview, darling? 😉
    Good post by the way, gave me a bunch of ideas, haha.

  4. hello there! these are great tips, especially since i am using and there does not seem to be a wealth of information on seo for the free blog as opposed to the .org blog. one question: how can i verify my url? technically, i don’t own it, so the google webmaster tools are not available to me.


  5. Great information thank you. And thanks for the comments at my blog. 🙂

  6. thanks for your info.
    nice blog anyway .. 🙂

  7. hi, thanks so much for your response. i’m not sure where to get the code for the google verification page. can you help me? you wrote:

    Hi, To answer your question about the Google verification just add a page under the ‘main page’ and name the page as the code (say google0bc2f1f51686a804, note: it will be diff for your’s) that you will see in your webmaster’s google account. After that ask the webmaster to verify. If you still have problem ask me.

    how do i “name the page as the code?” where do i get that? i know this is a novice question and apologize in advance. thanks!

  8. wowowow!! thanks SO much! i would have NEVER figured that out on my own! i really appreciate it! now i can use these tips to really get my blog out there!

    thanks again!


  9. Concentrating on you keyword is one Big thing. also repeated use of it affect a lot of ranking.

  10. good tips- you should post this on the forums

  11. Goods articles

  12. Wow! This is really helpful for a newbie like me! Thanks a lot!

    • Hey Mala, Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      I don’t think people can cal themself a newbie with a 27000+ hits…. lol
      Even your Lord Krish will not accept lol

  13. Thanks a lot Freddie, excellent service to the wordpress community. Now how ’bout those illegal tactics >:)

    • Hey Jean, Welcome to my Blog. Thanks for your appreciation 🙂 … And about the illegal tactics, hmm, may be privately, may be I shall send you a mail soon if you are really interested, provided we don’t misuse it 😀


  14. This is an interesting and informative post, and was helpful. I did try adding the meta tag, though from a bit of research found this isn’t possible with wordpress and they aren’t much used any more?
    Must try harder with proper headings, tags and categories!

    • Thank you moregeous. Yes, its not possible with wordpress.

      But may be if you host your own site then anything and everything is possible. I can also suggest you tips if you need them 🙂


  15. Thanks so much. These are great tips plus I love what all you’ve done with a wordpress blog. I’m very impressed.

  16. Its a Great work keep it up…really i was surprized when a saw ur article…Great and Great…

    Please visit my blog and give ur suggetions

    Thanks so much…

  17. Nice tips.. glad to know the reason of each tips… thanks..

  18. Excellent advice, most of which I didn’t know. Hope to return the favor some day.

  19. Hi,
    Can you share with me the information about page verification?

  20. Hi,

    Great Blog, some really helpful tips.

    I have sold my soul and signed up to google, again I am stuck when it comes to the verification. Would you be able to tell me how to do it?


  21. I really need my blog to increase in readers. Any tips?

    • Saw your blog. Nice. I like the content since I like Science.

      As your blog gets old it will have more contents. Keep writing. While posting just follow what I have told in this post. For now just change the theme.


  22. I am to read your article…. it very useful to me and help me lots.

  23. Thanks! I’m using a free blog, how do I get the Author widget? Can’t find it anywhere.

  24. thank you so much for a great article

  25. Hi, I’m a complete newbie on blogs – my blog is here:

    I’d love to add my blog to Google, but don’t know how – I’ve got to the Google Webmaster Tools but cannot get Google to verify my blog. Please can you help?
    I need step by step guides, with full descriptions – I’m so lame at this!

    Thanks for your kind help, God bless x x

  26. Great tips for a newbie! Thanks!

  27. Hai, i am the admin of’s for sharing this posting.This is very helpful and informative material.Good post and keep it up friend.

  28. Hi, can you help with the google site verification on WordPress? I followed your instructions given to bloominglater, above, but google webmaster still cannot verify it. Here is a link to my page:

  29. Thanks! The article was very useful. Since you said to post your link on more successful blogs, here’s mine 😉

  30. Thanks for your information …

  31. I posted some but my blog still not showing up

    I’d bee willing to pay for some consultation

  32. I wish there were a one day class on this. I don’t understand the terminology, I am a medical person so you et I speak different languages.

  33. Great article helped me a lot Thanks.

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