Mix it Up;

Stir it Up;

Blow it Up;

Fun it Up;

Repeat it Up;

All the way Up..

The Talking Dead

Scene 1 – Two Sunflowers playing with the Ouija Board trying to Talk to the Dead


Quick, NObody’s around, Take the Ouija Board;
Yikes, Nobody’s around, I’m so Cold;
I’m not Scared, Lets talk to the Dead;
But I’m so scared, I don’t want to hear the Dead;
Scene 2 – Here comes the Tree Ghost




I’m the Old Tree, Who is Dead for Thee;
See me in the Paper Towel Dispensary;
Also in the Paper Towel Garbagery;
Oh! I’m so Dry in the Dispensary;
Oh! I’m so Same in the Garbagery;


Scene 3 – Here comes Another Ghost and He seems Pissed



I’m not Old, Chopped and Sold;
Murder is the Word with which I want to Scold;
You come to Me, You kill Me,
You Rob my Trunk to Load your Truck,
Full of Paper Cup made out of my Butt;
Oh! That’s Okay, That’s Destiny;
But, How about some Respect shown to the Dead?

Scene 4 – Sunflowers

Quick, Somebody’s around, Hide the Ouija Board,
Yikes, Somebody’s around, But I was Bold;

~~~The End~~~

The Unhappy Family

Long Long ago, So long ago, No one can say how long ago,

In a Kingdom of far far away,

There lived a Lady named “Assumption”,

She got married to a Man named “Assumer”,

They both had a Child named “Problem”,

And they lived Unhappily thereafter,

Till the Sands of Time completely drained.


After 20 years, Baldwin and Harry meets – My Cartoon

After 20 years - Baldwin & Harry meets

After 20 years – Baldwin & Harry meets

Shit ‘O’ Shit, In and out of the Toilet

Disclaimer: Don’t claim.. I mean.. Just don’t clamin.. Its MY page :D.. Instead move on if it irritates you..

The shit here is ain’t the exact shit that is flushed (or should I say semi-flushed.. leaving the strains and the aroma behind.. -_^ ) in the Lavatory pan but the Comrades (or should I vomit the word scumbags, instead) who visit the Palace for at least few times a day (depending upon their consumption and bag’s capacity). Some comes in the first time for the day, hugs the Urinal Basin for a minute or so, does a begging hand gesture to the tap water and then does the Ultimatum. One can hear the Ugliest sound, uglier than farting. WIp WIp WIp WIP… The Shit (Remember, the subject, I mean, the Shit here means our Comrade) takes out 3 to 4 toilet Paper Towels from the Paper Towel Stand (that’s when you get this WIP noise) and wipes their scum (I mean, hand, basically) and then WIP WIP WIP, takes three more and dries their dirty wrinkled face, stares the mirror, combs their unshampooed hair and walks away.. Another Gentleman comes in, hugs the same basin, wets their hand with elixir (water, basically) and does WIP WIP, dires their hand under the hot hand dryer so then can dry their hand quickly (basically saving time for being extra productive to their employer and themselves, wow..) and does another WIP WIP, takes out two more paper Towels to make sure their hand is fully dry and thereby being highly hygiene (Picture Perfect). Another one (Here comes the Hero) comes in, finishes hugging the Urinal Basin (now don’t ask me if its the same one) and does a WIP WIP without even wetting their and with water. Could be, the kiddo had a pisslet (Urine droplet, basically) on their hand and uses the paper towels to dry them up.Spare some ten minutes in the toilet.. Just realize how quick the paper towel bin gets filled up.. See how many paper towels are put down and wasted.. See how many paper towels in the bin are REALLY WET.  We could be careless about this if they (Paper Towels, if you are yet to follow me) come from heaven (or even hell or from somewhere..like we care) but unfortunately we need to cut down the trees to make paper towels. (I’m using the word Paper Towels more than necessary number of times because you should not forget that we are talking about Paper Towels.. of course we are talking about Shit also but they are just heroes unlike Paper Towels who are the real SUBJECT)

Humans have been inventing things since their day one but if we just spare sometime and look back, it is just that, machines that are invented (and made as daily usage) after 1960 are the ones that pollute the Earth to the greatest extend. For instance, Jets, Factories, motor vehicles, Paper Towels. Plz don’t raise a question in your mind that all these eg., existed even before 1960. I’m stressing about the usage amount. Having said that, In a span of 50 years we somehow have managed to spoil the Earth’s temperature itself. What if this continues for another 50 years? Thank God, I’m already 24 and I’m going to 25 soon Yippe.. 😀 (It a Sad news basically.. but Good for some other reasons..)!!

I would end this by saying,
“We are never through with our Understanding unless we Realize”

All these stuffs we already understand.. but the question is Have We Realized?

~ Freddie

P.S :-  Save Trees (I got to say this because I’m sure no one understands my writing :p.. Poor handwriting skils.. you know.. Probabily thats why I did not score good marks anytime.. Holy Heck..)

P.P.S :- I took half day a leave today

P.S.S :- Sry for Parlimentary words (:p Oops.. I did a mistake.. Seriously though, I dont regret it)

P.P.P.S.S.S :- Good Question. Yes, you are absoultly right.. I’ve gone nuts now.. just now.. for 24 years.. (All P.S, P.P.S, P.S.S, P.P.S.S style are inspired by a movie called Mary and Max. PS :- Watch the movie.. its nice :p)

P.P.S.S :- PFA. :P.. Below is for ppl who don’t have time to read BS.. 😀 I mean.. no offense plz.. jus joking…

Shit O Shit, In and out of the Toilet - Save TreesShit O Shit, In and out of the Toilet - Save Trees

She said (o_O)

I Smiled, “Hi!” (:>)
I Said, “Hey!” (-_-)
I Begged, “2 mints plz?” (:D)
I Raised My Voice, “Wait up!” (^_^)
I Screamed, “Can’t you hear me?” (`_´)
I Broke, “plz plz” (;-;)
But for everything, She said, “Now the Time is XX hrs and XX mints” WITH NO EMOTIONS

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