Why I’m not blogging often these days? Is my Blog dead?

Answering the second question first. NOPE 😉

Why I’m not blogging often now a days? I don’t own a computer and to access the net I use my friend’s system mostly. My bad time, these days he is not available. Poor me. I have a lot of posts saved as draft but almost all of them are incomplete. I really have/want a lot to say but I don’t have a system or the TIME. Yeah, the TIME Factor! These days I’m unable to spent time in blogging because of my professional life.

I don’t want my blog to be dead. At least not this soon. So I promise that I will update my blog as and when I get time.

Also, because of this I don’t get to see my fellow blogger’s post. I will be sure to read out your stuffs and comment them whenever possible.

Below are few of the topics which you will be seeing sooner (Hopefully ;)).  

Ø  Why I say that there minerals out there in Antarctica

Ø  What determines our voice?

Ø  The Boss celebrated his worst ever Birthday party

Ø  “Survival of the fittest” – Is it applicable for Human Beings also?

Ø  Being Patriotic is a sign of Selfness

Ø  ‘Communism’ or ‘Democracy’. Which is best for a country?

Ø  Tips to grow a child as a intelligent one

Ø  What determines your character?

Ø  “World War II” gave us freedom

Ø  Why Europeans are rich?


By the way, if you wish to see any of the topic sooner please let me know so that I can give priority to that. Thanks. 


(I love people who love others. They are really sweet, Like honey ;))

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