Java World

Wecome to my Java World

Here I had done my best to share my knowledge of Java with the you. Hope it’d of some use to you.

You can get them from the links that are available under Java World (see left pane).

Good Luck 🙂


2 Responses

  1. i came across ur post on where you’ve mentioned that u know how to calculate the server’s response time in java… could u let me know how exactly that is done? i’m relatively new to java, n i need it urgently for a college project of mine!

  2. Priyal, kindly let me know what you have done so far so as to help you out.

    What I did was, I noted the system time, then established a connection to a site (say,, got its contentType, checked if its not null, if yes then once again noted the system time, found the difference between the two system times which would apparently be the response time.

    Hope this helps

    Post back for any further questions


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