Mix it Up;

Stir it Up;

Blow it Up;

Fun it Up;

Repeat it Up;

All the way Up..

The Talking Dead

Scene 1 – Two Sunflowers playing with the Ouija Board trying to Talk to the Dead


Quick, NObody’s around, Take the Ouija Board;
Yikes, Nobody’s around, I’m so Cold;
I’m not Scared, Lets talk to the Dead;
But I’m so scared, I don’t want to hear the Dead;
Scene 2 – Here comes the Tree Ghost




I’m the Old Tree, Who is Dead for Thee;
See me in the Paper Towel Dispensary;
Also in the Paper Towel Garbagery;
Oh! I’m so Dry in the Dispensary;
Oh! I’m so Same in the Garbagery;


Scene 3 – Here comes Another Ghost and He seems Pissed



I’m not Old, Chopped and Sold;
Murder is the Word with which I want to Scold;
You come to Me, You kill Me,
You Rob my Trunk to Load your Truck,
Full of Paper Cup made out of my Butt;
Oh! That’s Okay, That’s Destiny;
But, How about some Respect shown to the Dead?

Scene 4 – Sunflowers

Quick, Somebody’s around, Hide the Ouija Board,
Yikes, Somebody’s around, But I was Bold;

~~~The End~~~

The Unhappy Family

Long Long ago, So long ago, No one can say how long ago,

In a Kingdom of far far away,

There lived a Lady named “Assumption”,

She got married to a Man named “Assumer”,

They both had a Child named “Problem”,

And they lived Unhappily thereafter,

Till the Sands of Time completely drained.


She said (o_O)

I Smiled, “Hi!” (:>)
I Said, “Hey!” (-_-)
I Begged, “2 mints plz?” (:D)
I Raised My Voice, “Wait up!” (^_^)
I Screamed, “Can’t you hear me?” (`_´)
I Broke, “plz plz” (;-;)
But for everything, She said, “Now the Time is XX hrs and XX mints” WITH NO EMOTIONS

Her Paintings!!

We were in school together!! Although, I wasn’t tall enough to play basketball nor she was good enough to play it either, we were in the Basket Ball games together 😆

But after high school we never met. Not even spoke over the phone.  I would say that we were totally out of contacts. Time passed by and it is after 3 solid years I got to meet her again. We then renewed our friendship.

It’s totally fun like before.. Like the good old school days.. like the basketball days… Should I say ‘The Basket Ball Diaries 😉 just like Leonardo De Carpio movie.. ?

When we  happen to share pictures that we took in the past 3 years she showed couple of her paintings. Woot!! They were amazing!! I’m was more shocked than surprised for I never knew she could draw or paint. This also made me think that I did not know her fully back then. Wait a second, dose that mean I know her fully now? Ha ha, lets stop it and enjoy the paintings,



And while posting this I now think what all talents my other friends have got which I’m yet to be aware off.

Pictures are copyright protected. Please do not steal them. Thank you.


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