It’s “Knowledge Sharing” and not “Knowledge Transfer”

      “Why it is Knowledge Sharing and Why not Knowledge Transfer“. To me, Knowledge Transfer is a hollow tune of Phrase which has no meaning at all. It’s senseless and utterly wrong and incorrect to have such a word being used. It should be called as Knowledge Sharing rather.

Knowledge Transfer, otherwise know as the “KT”.

Well for the fact that I’m brand new to a job or IT field during my initial days into the workplace I noticed people saying “Today I did/had a KT session” and stuffs. There I go, wild and mad… Laughing all the way to my home. Do you know something? I still cant be in command of my laughter when I hear that freaky two letter – “K  T”… Hey gimme a break…

Okay. Fine. Confused why I laughed (and laughing) so hard and real?

KT is not a biscuit or a chocolate (our in our terms, a file or a folder) that can be moved from place to place. Well to me and for many other fellow beings in this planet, Knowledge is not a nomad that has the power to wander. If it’s gone to a place, then it’s gone for ever. May it true that it can send a copy of itself to somebody but it untrue that it would transfer itself or by some other means.

Still Confused? Okay I will convey my opinion straight away this time.

It is meaningless if one says that he has done a knowledge transfer since none in this world has the supremacy/supernatural power to transfer his knowledge. May be Yes, He can Share his Knowledge. Look, it’s difficult to delete memories from your brain of your own will. Things can be erased from your brain only on due course of time. For example you cannot forget your parent’s/better half’s birthday. Perhaps you will forget them if you don’t stay in touch with them. That’s why I said “due course of time”.

So all I’m trying to say is very simple. Don’t use the worlds “Knowledge Transfer” together. May be “Knowledge Share” would be a better terminology that can be preferred. Because, though knowledge is some brand of Energy, it is foolish to say

knowledge can neither be created nor destroyed but can be transferred from one being to another”.

Thank you

Disclaimer: It’s entirely my view. It has nothing to do with anything.

“Nothing to do with anything” ha ha. What a turn of phrase. I guess by saying so in a disclaimer it can override any argument from any person.

~Freddie Maize
  September 13, 2008

4 Responses

  1. interesting argument. haven’t really heard it before.

    a comparable analogy in my field (social work):


    You can’t empower somebody.

    You can only help them to empower themselves…

    similar concept i think..

  2. both of them have different meaning, so i’think it’s only about our perspective….
    for me..knowledge sharing could be happen informally, but KT is formal sharing of knowledge…for me… of practice, brainstorming, or informal conversation are sharing. on the otherhand training or something like that are transfer

  3. Interesting but they are totally different.

    Knowledge is transfered when is ready to use and actionable for in actor’s mind. knowledge could be shared but still not transfered.

  4. Actually you seem to raise the confussion surrounding the use of these terms: kt and ks. I will be glad if a consesus was reached/provided on when to use ‘knowledge transfer’ and when to use ‘knowledge sharing.’ Though on closer look at the terms will indicate that one can not transfer knowledge but may share knowledge just as you can not empowered peolpe but can help them to empower themselves, I have often use knowledge transfer to refer to institution to institution exchange of knowledge or sharing of knowledge and used knowledge sharing to refer to what actually the team/group members or employees are doing.In short, Sony may transfer k to nokia but employees share knowledge.

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