CMD: Copy/Paste between window and command console/DOS program

Hi Friends,

This tweak explains how to easily copy/paste information into or out of either the command console or a DOS program from a window.

As much as I use the command console, I never understood why windows made it so difficult to copy or paste information into it.

This recipe also works well for pasting information into a DOS program.

To enable QuickEdit Mode:

1. Open a command prompt/command console
2. Right-click on the title bar
3. Select properties
4. Select QuickEdit Mode
5. Select Save Properties for future windows with same title if you want to keep this change forever. Select Apply Properties for current window only if you only want to enable QuickEdit for this session.
6. Click OK

With QuickEdit Mode Enabled:

To Paste Information Into the Command Console:
1. Place information into the clipboard
2. Right click into the console to paste the information

To Copy Information From the Console into the Clipboard:
1. Click and drag to highlight the information in the console
2. Press Enter or Right Click in the console to put this information into the clipboard

Hope this will be a useful tip for you.

Love MJ 🙂

2 Responses

  1. this is a nice tip ..i was wondering how people copy and paste in the dos

  2. Nice tip matcha.. good to see you after a long time

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