The First Nuclear Bomb attack on India

123 Agreement… some of the views…. INDIANS TO BE READ………..

Nuclear Agreement between India – USA :MUST READ BY EVERY INDIAN

There are lot of talks about 1 2 3 Agreement between India & USA and it
almost led to the topple of Central Government. In this mail I am trying
to explain the commercial & technical aspects relating to this Agreement
which I have read and sharing with you.

South India – particularly around Kanyakumari, the availability of

Thorium is abundant.

India-China.  If India-China relationship gets stronger, then both these
can rule the Eastern Part of the Globe which USA wants to break as per
their divide & rule.

USA doesn’t like this proposal.

total power requirement.  They are catching up the problem of
eliminating the wastes / emissions from out of those plants at the same
time increase the power production capacity.  Government of France is
now thinking how to reduce the power consumption in the country.

Education is Very Good.

others.  Particularly wants a firm footing in South Asia.  Remember the
introduction EURO by European Countries and it is stronger than Dollar?
So their “DAL” cannot be boiled at “EUROPE”.  They are trying in India
as already Pakistan is in their clutches.

USA is breached by
them, then there is no clause for cancelling this agreement.

The agreement is apparently like this… USA can either hug India or
slap India.  India will not ask why are we hugged or why are we slapped.
On the other hand, India cannot hug or slap USA for breach of agreement.

This is only capsule so that easy to read and digest.

Subject: India Pledged…. Part 2

Requirement of Power

The most important requirement for India’s Economic Growth in the coming
years will be the power & infrastructure. The argument put fort

What is 123 Agreement?



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