Her Paintings!!

We were in school together!! Although, I wasn’t tall enough to play basketball nor she was good enough to play it either, we were in the Basket Ball games together 😆

But after high school we never met. Not even spoke over the phone.  I would say that we were totally out of contacts. Time passed by and it is after 3 solid years I got to meet her again. We then renewed our friendship.

It’s totally fun like before.. Like the good old school days.. like the basketball days… Should I say ‘The Basket Ball Diaries 😉 just like Leonardo De Carpio movie.. ?

When we  happen to share pictures that we took in the past 3 years she showed couple of her paintings. Woot!! They were amazing!! I’m was more shocked than surprised for I never knew she could draw or paint. This also made me think that I did not know her fully back then. Wait a second, dose that mean I know her fully now? Ha ha, lets stop it and enjoy the paintings,



And while posting this I now think what all talents my other friends have got which I’m yet to be aware off.

Pictures are copyright protected. Please do not steal them. Thank you.



One Response

  1. Love the paintings artistic and classical also love when things never change between old friends, now days so much is going on at home, work and with families in all our lives, many cant help but to change their personalities to fit the current situations. Having old friends around reminds us of simplier times, less stress and more fun.

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