Why I’m not blogging often these days? Is my Blog dead?

Answering the second question first. NOPE 😉

Why I’m not blogging often now a days? I don’t own a computer and to access the net I use my friend’s system mostly. My bad time, these days he is not available. Poor me. I have a lot of posts saved as draft but almost all of them are incomplete. I really have/want a lot to say but I don’t have a system or the TIME. Yeah, the TIME Factor! These days I’m unable to spent time in blogging because of my professional life.

I don’t want my blog to be dead. At least not this soon. So I promise that I will update my blog as and when I get time.

Also, because of this I don’t get to see my fellow blogger’s post. I will be sure to read out your stuffs and comment them whenever possible.

Below are few of the topics which you will be seeing sooner (Hopefully ;)).  

Ø  Why I say that there minerals out there in Antarctica

Ø  What determines our voice?

Ø  The Boss celebrated his worst ever Birthday party

Ø  “Survival of the fittest” – Is it applicable for Human Beings also?

Ø  Being Patriotic is a sign of Selfness

Ø  ‘Communism’ or ‘Democracy’. Which is best for a country?

Ø  Tips to grow a child as a intelligent one

Ø  What determines your character?

Ø  “World War II” gave us freedom

Ø  Why Europeans are rich?


By the way, if you wish to see any of the topic sooner please let me know so that I can give priority to that. Thanks. 


(I love people who love others. They are really sweet, Like honey ;))


7 Responses

  1. Ohhh! I can’t wait to read the one on Antarctica, and the WWII and the Democracy and Communism one!
    Put them soon Freddie 😀

  2. Sure pal. As you wish. Lets begin with WWII.. my favorite 😉

  3. i’m curious about the voice one, the patriotic one and the character one. very different list from firerocket. 😉

  4. My blog is dying too 😦 I hardly get opportunites to blog or go on the forums or come online because China has blocked it all off.

    But you know, when you put your Communism and Democracy thing up, tell me, because I’ll definitely be here to fight for what I believe in 😛

  5. ..hey, first, thanks for dropping by my blog..
    ..and i wanna read about the antarctica stuff. my geology professor sort of mentioned it in one of his lectures..
    ..and also about the character..


  6. Freddie, you need to write more!
    I’m still waiting for that WW2 thing!

  7. yes man I know.. I should write.. 😦 Time… My boss will not be happy even if i work for more than 23 hrs a day. yek… I think I should retire ;)..

    Jokes to one side, I could see my blog dying… So sad… Don’t know if I will get time to rescue..

    Good part is, I still have 30 – 40 hits at least everyday ;)… That’s encouraging. hehehehe

    Fire, I will surely post that WW2 stuff… It’s our favourite topic.. right?? hehehe

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