At Leisure – Pass your time HERE if you find no where else

Here we go… To my World of Entertainment… Real FUN… Believe in me… Come Alone… I’m here as your Companion… Come Along … Game ON…

But HOW???

Well, Well… I’m the Captain of the Ship. So…you can’t raise Question to me. But, But Remember, You have every right to have FUN…

Okay… Anyway since you asked me (Did not you ask me!),… the answer is plain and you will come to know in a while (so wild)…

But… Hang On… One Sec… I need to ask you something…

May I know the reason for you being here??

For TimePass? (or) For TimeKill? (or) Is that your hobby?

Well the differences among all in my terms are simple… Here is an example

So… Time for some real Entertainment… Are you ready??…


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